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Which is Better? Vinyl Strap or Sling Fabric Chaise Lounge - Monday, February 26, 2018

This infographic answers common questions that are often asked when comparing vinyl strap chaise lounges and sling fabric chaise lounges.
What is Stronger? What is More Comfortable? What has the Best Price? and What is More Stylish?

Pool Furniture Supply has in stock a wide variety of commercial pool and patio furniture including vinyl strap chairs and sling patio chairs. Call our knowledgeable staff with any questions you may need answering, to make your final decision. Also, give us a contact us to receive the best quantity quote, possible. 

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Top Ten Hotel and Resort Swimming Pools in the United States - Monday, January 15, 2018
Top Ten Hotel and Resort Swimming Pools in the United States

1. Golden Nugget – The Tank - Las Vegas Nevada

Have you ever wanted to swim beside sharks, but didn’t want to suit up in scuba gear and sit in a metal cage? Well, you can scratch this one off your bucket list by visiting “The Tank” at the Golden Nugget in Nevada. Featuring a swimming pool that wraps around a massive 200,000-gallon aquarium filled with sharks! You can choose to swim next to this spectacular aquarium, enjoy the fish from afar while lounging on the poolside, or rush down a waterslide that runs right through the center of the tank. 

2. Grand Wailea Resort - Hibiscus Pool – Wailea, Hawaii

Not far from the beautiful Wailea Beach is the Grand Wailea Resort, home to the Hibiscus Pool. This pool features a stunning waterfall architecture that flows from the top fountains to the swimming area below. The floor is delicately tiled to form a large white flower to compliment the blue waters. A spectacle during the day or night, guests can relax by the fresh water as they listen to the waves crash in the distance. This swimming pool is meant for adults only, but there are more family oriented pools on the premises.

3. Glenwood Hot Springs Resort – Hot Springs - Glenwood Springs, Colorado

Need a place to relieve pain in your muscles and joints? Come warm up in the world’s biggest Hot Spring Pool at Glenwood Hot Springs Resort. This pool is kept at a comfortable 90 degrees year-round creating an enjoyable swim, even during the winter. The pool contains natural minerals that along with the temperature, can rejuvenate your body and mind. Guest will appreciate the snowy mountain scenery as they relax in the water. For the athletes, there are a few lane laps that stretch the length of the pool. Glenwood Resort is a hot spot in the summer too, as it also features two nearby waterslides, a mini-golf course, and a kiddie pool. If relaxation is more your style, you can relax in one of the many Bahia chaise lounges and just enjoy the setting.

4. St. Regis Princeville Resort – Princeville, Hawaii

The swimming pool of St. Regis Princeville Resort is placed in the middle of a tropical paradise. This one of a kind 5,000 sq ft. pool overlooks the beautiful coast of Hanalei Bay. Guest can literally take a few steps from the pool and have their feet comforted by the beach’s hot soft sands. An amazing view of Kauai’s mountain ridges can be seen from any point of the pool deck.

5. Fairmont Scottsdale Princess – Sonoran Splash Pool – Scottsdale, Arizona

For a more fun, family oriented pool at a 5-star luxury resort, try the Sonoran Slash Pool at the Fairmont Scottsdale Princess. The 6,000-sq. ft. pool is equipped with two water slides, a zero-entry pool deck, and a nearby sandbox play area, complete with Tonka trucks and other toys. Children can play in the water or on land as their parents relax on a chaise lounge in the open Arizona air.

6. Westin Kierland Resort and Spa – Lazy River - Scottsdale, AZ

Take a trip on the lazy river through the Sonoran Desert at the Westin Kierland Resort and Spa. This 900-ft. winding pool gives guest that California beach experience while preserving the Arizona desert landscape. You can choose to spend hours slowly following the stream cooling off on the inner tube or relaxing alongside the poolside in one of the many chaise lounges complete with umbrella shade. The family-friendly resort is also equipped with an adventure waterpark containing a 110-ft. waterslide and children’s splash pad with zero depth entry. 


7. The Pool at The St. Regis Deer Valley Resort – Park City, Utah

Located deep in Wasatch Mountains of Utah lays the St. Regis Deer Valley Resort that changes from lush green to snowy white depending on the time of year. However, the pool knows no season as it remains warm and blue year-round. This gorgeous 2,400-sq. ft. pool is split level and heated during the winter. The alpine covered slopes surrounding this pool is truly breathtaking in any weather.

8. Hard Rock Hotel & Casino – Rehab - Las Vegas Nevada

During the week the Rehab pool at the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Las Vegas is serene and desolate. However, during the weekends this quiet oasis turns into the biggest pool party in the world. The Rehab plays loud live music all day and by night it takes on a Las Vegas glow by multiple LED lights. This 5-acre tropical paradise can accommodate 3000 adults and features full grown palm trees, sandy beaches, comfortable relaxed sling south beach chaise lounge lined pool edges, and cabana rentals.


9. Delano South Beach Club - South Beach, FL

For a more adult rated pool that stays warm all year round, you may want to consider the Delano South Beach Club in sunny filled Miami Beach, FL. This pool features a slight Alice in Wonderland theme as a candlelit table for two remains almost floating on top of the water in the shallow end. The pool-edge is lined with cabanas that act like their own private retreats, complete with flat screen tv and sectional furniture.


10. JW Marriott San Antonio Hill Country Resort – San Antonio, Texas

The JW Marriott San Antonio Hill Country Resort designed their swimming area after a waterpark. The massive 1,100 ft. lazy river makes up the perimeter, surrounding 650-ft. rapid river rides, children’s pools, whirlpools, and splash zones. The pool ledge is lined with south beach vinyl chaise lounges with comfortable cushions and companion acrylic poolside tables to set a cocktail as you watch guests float on by. This Resort is the perfect choice for great family fun and relaxation.


For years, Pool Furniture Supply has provided chaise lounges, patio chairs, umbrellas, and poolside tables to hotels and resorts in the name of hospitality. Guests will feel comfortable using our commercial grade pool furniture as they enjoy their vacation by your pool.  

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Pool Ledge Furniture Recommendation Guide : What Pool Furniture can be placed in the Pool - Thursday, June 15, 2017

Pool Ledge Furniture Recommendation Guide

What Pool Furniture can be put in the Pool?

Pool Ledge Furniture Recommendation Guide
As resorts and hotels strive to create a more modern and inviting stay for their guests, pool ledge furniture has grown in popularity and can be found at numerous luxury locations across the USA. This uptick in popularity has resulted in us receiving an increasing number of questions from customers concerning commercial pool furniture that are safe to leave in the water and use for pool ledge relaxation. In this article, we have collected data that we hope our customers will find helpful in answering any questions that they may have on the subject. Please find our “Pool Ledge Furniture Guide” below with options that we both recommend and do not recommend for pool ledge use so you can upgrade your pool area confidently and safely.

What is a Pool Ledge?
Pool Ledge Furniture Chaise Lounge
A Pool ledge, also known as tanning ledge, Baja shelf, or a sun shelf, have become increasingly popular over the last few years for both commercial and residential swimming pools for its soothing atmosphere. A pool ledge is a raised platform in the pool, creating a shallow area of water that is usually no more than a foot deep and at least wide enough to set a couple of chairs or chaise lounges on.

This concept is appealing for those looking to relax, tan, or maybe read a book on a hot summer day, all while having their body partially submerged in the refreshingly cool water. By adding pool ledge furniture to your hotel or resort you are sure to find that your customers will stay longer and want to come back.


After years of working with our customers in the field and consulting several manufacturers, we have compiled a list of recommended options for those looking to purchase pool furniture for in water use. These materials won’t harm your pool ledge or throw off the balance of the water, making them a safe, wise investment for your commercial property.

Plastic Resin Pool Furniture

Pool Ledge Bahaia Chaise Lounge

The best pool furniture frame material designed to stay in the water on the pool ledge is 100% plastic resin, without a sling fabric seat. Two great examples of this are the Grosfillex Bahia chaise lounge and the Nardi Eden chaise lounge. Both feature a 100% plastic resin mold that is crafted together with the frame eliminating the need for any metals whatsoever. Made of high-density polyethylene (HDPE), plastic resin furniture is extremely strong despite its lightweight build.

Plastic resin furniture will resist fading from long exposure to the sun as the colors are blended through the material and won’t rot, corrode, or breakdown from chemicals associated with pool maintenance. Additionally, the non-porous, smooth surface doesn’t leave any weaknesses in the frame for water to infiltrate and damage. A plastic resin chaise lounge can be set on the pool ledge for days without harming the water or the water harming it.

Because of this, we recommend the plastic resin options over all others. With its water resistance build, cost efficiency, and easy maintenance, plastic resin furniture is a perfect choice for pool ledges everywhere.

Marine Grade Polymer Pool Furniture

Curved Rotoform polymer chaise lounge by TropitoneAnother great option for pool ledge furniture is marine grade polymer (MGP). Like plastic resin, MPG is also a high-density polyurethane and contains all the water-resistant advantages fit for a pool ledge. MPG is the heavyweight among plastics, nearly doubling the weight of its plastic resin equivalent. This makes it much more resistant to strong winds and choppy water currents. Specifically designed for harsh saltwater treatment, MGP will easily last many years on your pool ledge without any hassle, as long as it doesn’t contain any metal hardware or sling fabric seating.

The Curved Rotoform polymer chaise lounge is an ideal choice for the pool ledge, meeting all the requirement for safe in pool use. It is also manufactured by one of the leaders in the commercial furniture industry, Tropitone.

Marine Grade Polymer is the most durable pool ledge furniture you can buy today, but it also is the most expensive. It’s not uncommon for this heavy-duty material to triple the price of other plastic pool furniture. That said, those who invest in MGP will have the peace of mind knowing they have a product that will never need to be replaced.

Not Recommended

Though many clients have used some of the following on their pool ledge without incident, the below materials are not designed or recommended to be kept in the water. If left in the water for prolonged periods, the integrity of the pool furniture will start to decline, giving you less life out of the product. Certain materials may even cause damage to the water or the ledge itself so please be aware of this before purchasing your pool ledge furniture.

Aluminum Pool Furniture
Corroded AluminumDue to its corrosive properties under ideal conditions, aluminum is not recommended for in water use. Aluminum patio furniture comes with a powder-coated or galvanized protective finish that will be worn thin with over exposure to acids. Aluminum, fortunately, will not rust like other metals. The difference is rusting will destroy the frame by expanding and detaching the damaged metal into red flaky pieces eventually shredding it apart completely, while corroding creates pits and blisters that reveal more of the healthy metal. Though aluminum corrosion is a slower process, eventually your furniture will need to be replaced, due to the weakens the density of the frame. Corrosion will not cause red stain as rust does, however, it could be harmful to the pool water with enough contaminates.

Recycled Plastic Pool Furniture

Although recycled plastic is a safe hardy material that can be kept in the water, pool furniture made from it is often structured together with metal hardware, which is not recommended. Recycled plastic is one of the longest lasting high-density polyethylene (HDPE) products and is compressed and melted together to form strong plastic lumber. The lumber can be cut and styled into desired shapes, but often is not structured as one solid piece to ensure complete water resistance.

Vinyl Strap

Vinyl Strap Chaise Lounge Vinyl straps will not be damaged by pool water quickly, but if left inside chlorine water for extended periods of time they will eventually begin to fade and crack. The constant contact with the chemicals used in a pool will wear down the UV color protectant in the material, leaving the straps at the mercy of the bleaching effects of the sun’s rays. Most often vinyl straps are coupled with metal frames, which once again are not suitable for in water use. Please stay away from using any aluminum framed vinyl strap furniture for in-pool use.

It isn’t the worst thing to place on the pool ledge and vinyl straps are relatively inexpensive to replace. Keep in mind that the straps will need to change twice as fast than normal, so it’s better to leave all the strap furniture on the poolside to keep them more vibrant longer.

Cushions and Sling Fabric

Damaged Sling Chaise LoungeComfortable sling and cushion fabrics are considered water-resistant for regular poolside use, but they will not last long soaking in the pool water all day. The strong fabric is often made from well-woven acrylic, that’s double stitched for extra durability. Pool water typically doesn’t distress the fabric when it can dry off in the air, however, if used in a pool the combination of water and weight will cause the sling fabric to eventually weaken. The constant motion of the water along with the maintenance chemicals will loosen the ends causing them to fray. In addition, just like vinyl strap, the pool chemicals will attack the UV protectant coating resulting in premature fading.Together these issues will result in torn, unsightly pool furniture that will need sooner replacements.

Altogether sling and cushion fabrics will not harm the condition of the pool, it was never made to be used as pool ledge furniture.The water will ruin the sling fabric and at the rate of replacements are needed can become very costly. A commercial grade sling will last years at a well turnover business if it stays out of the water.

Steel Pool Furniture

Rusted Chaise LoungePool furniture made from steel is not fit to be set on a pool ledge due to its ability to rust. Steel is often protected with a powder-coated or galvanized layer to shield the raw material from the mixture of water and air that ultimately causes the metal to rust. Placing the steel furniture into the pool on a sun ledge allows water to be trapped in the frame’s tube by seeping through the rubber or vinyl foot protectors on the bottom. Even when removing the furniture, the water will remain for a while on the inside without proper ventilation to dry out.

Rusted Pool LedgeOver time the acidic nature of chlorine, acid rain, or salt water residue will dissolve and weaken the protectant barrier, thus exposing the bare metal. This will cause the steel to rust, which can containment the pool water, create hard to remove reddish stains on your pool ledge, and destroy the stability of the pool furniture frame itself by damaged metal flaking off little by little.

Though steel patio furniture is cost efficient, the price for cleanup, replacements, and overall aggravation will eventually create a much greater expense. It’s best to keep steel on the poolside where most of the water contact can be dried up quickly with a little wind and sunshine.

Metal Hardware

It doesn’t matter what the frame is made of, if the pool furniture is fastened with metal hardware it is advised not to be set in the water. As addressed earlier in the article with aluminum and steel, the combination of water, oxygen, and chemicals will break down any protective layers and eventually start corroding the bare metal.

Commercial manufacturers use the best heavy-duty, water resisting hardware available, such as stainless steel and 
allochrome, to prolong the life of their products against typical water contact. Unfortunately, even stainless will slowly corrode over time if left in water so it is best to steer clear of using any metal hardware for in-pool use.

Corroded Hardware


Over the course of this article Pool Furniture Supply has provided pool ledge furniture options and tips that will help you make the right choice for your business. We also covered several universally used materials that are not recommended for in water use as it will dramatically reduce the life of the furniture or may become harmful to you pool ledge or water. Below is an organized summary of the key points for each material.

Recommended Pool Furniture
  • 100% Plastic Resin - No metal hardware or vinyl or sling fabric.
    • Very Cost Efficient.
    • Lightweight.
    • Durable.

  • 100% Marine Grade Polymer - No metal hardware or vinyl or sling fabric.
    • Heavyweight.
    • Heavy-duty.
    • Expensive.

Not Recommended
  • Aluminum
    • Prone to rust.
    • Will stain the pool ledge.
    • May affect overall pool water condition.

  • Recycled Plastic
    • Often fastened with metal hardware

  • Vinyl Strap
    • Pool chemical will dissolve UV protectant causing premature fade.

  • Cushion and Sling Fabric
    • Pool chemical will dissolve UV protectant causing premature fade.
    • Weakens the fabric resulting in needed replacements.

  • Stainless Steel
    • Prone to rust.
    • Will stain the pool ledge.
    • May affect overall pool water condition.

  • Metal Hardware
    • Prone to rust or corrosion.
    • May stain the pool ledge.
    • May affect overall pool water condition.

We hope this information will allow you to make a safe, confident decision when choosing the appropriate pool ledge furniture for your business. By following this guide, you can put all your worries aside as your patron relax on your Baja shelf.

After reading this article, did you find the content helpful? Was there enough information to assist you in making your decisions? Do you still have any unanswered questions about pool ledge furniture?

Let us know what you think by clicking on comments below.

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Choosing the Right Pool Furniture: Tips and Guidelines - Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Choosing the Right Pool Furniture: Tips and Guidelines

There’s a big difference between residential pool furniture and commercial-grade pool furniture. For community managers, hotels, and building owners, it’s crucial to find outdoor pool furniture that’s designed for repeated heavy use and meets appropriate safety standards. Investing in quality USA-made pool furniture for commercial use can help protect you from disastrous legal battles and wasted spending on constant replacements. Here are a few tips, tricks, and guidelines to help you make a wise purchase for your community’s pool furniture.

Commercial Pool Furniture Checklist:

pic style= Is it made in the USA?
pic style= What are the structural specifications (bracing, frame material, bolts)?
pic style= What is it made of? Is this a commercial-grade product?
pic style= What is the life of the warranty? Does this warranty cover commercial use?
pic style= What are the warranty exclusions?

Materials Matter!

It’s important to not just choose the cheapest option and assume you’ve gotten the best value. The truth is that there are many different materials on the market that hold up very differently over time, depending on routine care, regular exposure to the elements, and volume of use. By choosing the material that fits your desired level of maintenance you will be sure to keep your pool deck furniture looking good season after season.

Resin Pool Furniture


Resin is a popular choice and is well-suited to large outdoor spaces. Commercial grade resin provides a durable, lightweight seating solution that’s easy to stack. It stands up well to seasonal abuse and won’t need routine refinishing or fabric replacements as it is all one piece. Make sure your resin pool furniture comes with a warranty and commercial grade safety specifications.

Recycled Plastic Pool Furniture


This eco-friendly option boasts many of the same quality factors that resin has and offers super high durability. While recycled plastic pool furniture may be slightly more costly than standard resin, its unique makeup helps eliminate excess environmental waste and it will last you many more years. Make sure all hardware is stainless steel.

Aluminum Strap Pool Furniture


American-made aluminum strap pool chairs will last many years and provide residents with a comfortable, durable place to relax. This material will require a moderate amount of regular cleaning, though the custom-fit vinyl seat straps do offer much more customized comfort.

Aluminum Sling Pool Furniture


Sling pool furniture offers a comfortable, breathable place to sit or lounge and create a casual, comfortable look. Make sure to purchase outdoor sling furniture that has weather-resistant fabrics, such UV protected vinyl-coated polyester, and stainless steel frame bolts. Both of these features will prevent mildew and rust.

Structural Elements

No matter what item or material you choose, look for important safety features like cross-bracing structural elements (such as a stretcher between the back two legs). Commercial-grade pool furniture should only use stainless steel screws, as the standard zinc-coated hardware will rust when exposed to chlorine and salt. In the end, it’s most important to tailor your pool furniture to the type of establishment you are designing for. High-volume hotels, community pools, and large apartment building communities may be best suited for furniture made to withstand heavy use, such as safe, durable resin that doesn’t require much maintenance. For resorts, small B&B’s, and other low-volume pools, higher maintenance models may be a fair price to pay for added style and attractive materials.

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How to Clean Vinyl Strap Pool Deck and Patio Furniture - Thursday, September 15, 2016

Dirty Chaise Lounge

Clean your Pool Furniture!

Regular care and maintenance will maintain the appearance and functionality of your commercial strap pool furniture. For long life of your strap pool furniture do not use harsh or abrasive chemicals, wax, cleaners, or bleach. Since strap lounge chairs will last a long time, keeping them clean is essential. The vinyl straps on chaise lounges and chairs become oily and dirty from suntan lotions, dirt stains and weather. Protecting patio and pool deck strap furniture from the sun, chemicals, dirt, and debris such as leaves keep your furniture looking brand new.

Warning! Bleach, chlorine, ammonia and harsh abrasives can strip off the ultraviolet protection of the straps, causing them to fade prematurely.

Warning! Do not dip your strap furniture in the pool, it will strip the ultraviolet protection of the straps which causes fading.

What You Need
• Hose with spray nozzle
• Mild detergent / dish soap
• Bucket
• Soft-bristled scrub brush

Step 1:
Spray the furniture thoroughly with the hose to remove the loose dirt off the straps and the frame. Spraying the furniture with a hose will make cleaning with the brush much easier.

Step 2:
Combine ¼ cup of detergent/dish soap into a bucket with 1 gallon of hot water (not boiling!) Mix the water to ensure the soap dissolves, creating suds.

Step 3:
Dip your soft bristled scrub brush into the soapy water and scrub the pool furniture one strap at a time, working from the top downward. Be sure to clean under the strap and the crevices where dirt collects. Use a garden hose to rinse the brush's bristles with water as they become dirty.

Step 4:
Spray your furniture down again with the hose to remove the soap and remaining dirt. Allow to air dry in the sun.

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Protecting Your Outdoor Pool Furniture During the Winter Season - Wednesday, August 24, 2016


“Brace yourselves. Winter is coming!” If you are a Game of Thrones fan that might mean more to you, but sadly it is appropriate at this time of year as our record breaking summer will be coming to an end soon. This means it’s time for our residents up north to think about preparing your outdoor pool furniture for the winter season. Having an understanding of how to protect and maintain your pool furniture will ensure it looks great, season after season. Below, you’ll find information as well as tips and best practices for protecting different types of outdoor furniture during the cold season.

Types of Materials – Differences & Considerations

Outdoor pool furniture can be made using a wide range of materials. These include aluminum, plastic resin, fabrics and more. Each material has slightly different considerations so it is important to know what yours is made from so you can prepare accordingly. Now, we’ll go over each type of materials and explain how to protect outdoor furniture during the winter months properly.

Metals - Aluminum Frame/Cast Aluminum
It’s incredibly important to keep aluminum furniture from rusting or peeling. It is worth inspecting your aluminum furniture from time to time to ensure there is no rusting or paint peeling from furniture being drug around decks, turned over, etc. If you happen to find either of those you can clean up the spots with some touch-up paint. We recommend buying a little bit of touch up paint to keep on hand so you can successfully restore your furniture in one easy step. By doing this, you’ll be able to ensure your outdoor pool furniture performs and looks great season after season.

Plastic resin
Actually, outdoor furniture that is produced of plastic resin doesn’t require too much maintenance. It is best to just occasionally clean up any mold/mildew spots with soft soap solution. Then all that you need to do is to store it indoors during the winter months.


Fabrics – Cushions & Slings
It’s essential to keep acrylic fabrics clean and remove dirt as well as suntan oils from it as quickly as possible. Certain fabrics will have a higher “breathability” factory and will dry out quicker leaving it less susceptible to mold/mildew.

Do your best to prevent black spots from occurring on your outdoor furniture by giving it a mild soap and water rinse. If furniture has stains, then you should use a bleach/detergent mix to get rid of them. However, bleach shouldn’t be used for cotton and printed fabrics. Soap and water will certainly work better for these kinds of materials. You may read our article on how to clean sling pool furniture. It’s recommended to vacuum or shake off cushions from time to time as well as foliage will also lead to mold. It’s best to store outdoor furniture in dry place during winter months so the melting snow does not damage the furniture.

Preparing the furniture

Clean the furniture As we mentioned above, cleaning has to be a key part of your outdoor furniture maintenance. You should clean and dry your outdoor pool furniture properly prior to storing it for the winter. To do this we recommend using a special solution to clean them. Mix ½ cup of bleach with 1 gallon of hot water to prepare the solution. If cushions have large stains you can try a stronger solution. Clean cushions/fabrics thoroughly with a soft brush and then allow to air dry in the sun.

Touch up any imperfections or rusting After you have cleaned your outdoor furniture and allowed it to air dry look for any imperfections on the furniture such as a paint chip, loose strap, missing feet protectors or damaged fabric. Before storage is a perfect time to fix these things so you can just bring out the furniture when the snow melts and start enjoying the sun right away!



Many products are stackable making for easy storage Most of our outdoor pool furniture is stackable so you’ll not find it difficult to store it for winter. Of course, it’s best to store your furniture indoors during the winter season if you can. A dark and dry place such as a garage or storage unit would be perfect. Alternatively you can use a protective cover or tarp for covering up the furniture and ensuring no foliage and/or snow is resting on it.

We hope you found this winter guide to maintaining and storing your pool furniture helpful. There is still a small amount of summer time left so get outside while you still can! The snow is coming and will be here before we know it!

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How to Replace Vinyl Straps on Pool Deck and Patio Furniture - Friday, August 19, 2016

Commercial strap pool and patio chairs
last many years before they start to weaken. Don’t throw out your commercial grade chair or lounge – replace the straps to extend the life of your pool furniture at a fraction of the cost! The vinyl straps on chaise lounges and chairs become oily and stained from suntan lotions, dirt, and weather. Our commercial pool straps come in a variety of colors to match most outdoor furniture and are made of 100% virgin vinyl to last for years in a commercial environment.

What You Need

• Replacement straps
• Rivets
• Tongs
• Gloves (White)
• Scissors
• Pot for hot water
• Measuring tape

Step 1: Order the Replacement Straps and Rivets

Call our friendly staff at 1.877.646.6320 to order replacement straps and rivets. The amount of strapping required depends on the length of the chair or chaise. If you have any questions about how much strapping you need don’t hesitate to give us a call. There are two options for ordering replacement straps: We can pre-measure and cut the straps for you, or you can order a roll and cut and measure yourself. Each roll contains 200 feet, or about 90 straps. If you have ordered your strap furniture from us, we can look up your order and confirm the model number of your chair to measure and cut the straps for you. Take a look at our Vinyl Strap Chaise Lounges and Commercial Vinyl Strap Chairs to find your chair. Some of our most popular strap chairs and chaise lounges include the RP1003, RP1001, RP5001, and the RP5003.

Step 2: Cut & Remove the Old Vinyl Chair Straps


Use scissors to cut through the old vinyl straps. Unravel the straps from the chair or chaise and pop out the old rivets. It is recommended to bolt down the chair or place something heavy on bottom rails of the chaise lounge or chair to keep it secure while you work.

Step 3: Cut and Measure Straps: Skip this step if you ordered pre-cut straps!

Our strap chairs and chaise lounges are double wrapped around the frame. Hold a measuring tape over the rivet hole on one side, wrap it twice around the frame, and pull it across and wrap it twice around the other frame, and take the measurement at the center of the other hole. The vinyl straps stretch tightly once they are heated, so subtract 15% of the measurement from your cut. For example, if the total measurement is 30″, cut the straps to 25”.
Measure twice and cut once. Start with one strap to be sure the length and tensionis correct.

Step 4: Prep and Heat the Vinyl Strapping

Prepare a pot of water that is about 200 degrees Fahrenheit. Do not allow the water to boil, but keep it just below bubbling. Add 2-3 straps at a time in the hot water for 2 – 3 minutes. Remove the straps from the water using tongs, handle carefully with white gloves. It is not recommended to wear colored gloves as they can bleed colors from contact with the hot water.

Step 5: Start Strapping!


Use tongs or gloves to pull out one strap and immediately install it before it cools. Push in a new plastic rivet through the hole on each end, both facing the same way. Pop-in the rivet on one side, wrap it twice around the rivet and stretch it to the other side, but not over the hole, so you can wrap it twice and push in the other rivet. Then pull up on the vinyl so you can slide it over the hole, as shown by this expert from our warehouse.

Step 6: Let the straps cool and enjoy!

Once the straps cool, they will regain their sturdiness! Enjoy your strap furniture that looks brand new!


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Attention Property Managers! Find out how to make your job easier! - Friday, August 12, 2016
Attention Property Managers! Find out how to make your job easier!

In our ongoing effort to better serve our customers we have put together a sample pack which includes swatches of our most popular fabrics, finishes and materials.

We have been selling commercial pool furniture to hotels, resorts, and property management companies since 2003. Over time, we have learned that a property manager may be responsible for purchasing pool furniture for multiple locations. With the sample kit, it is easier than ever to take your sample bag with you to show colors, materials, and styles to members of your community! Our samples will provide you with the look and feel of the product so you can see the high quality difference between our product and competitors. 

We hope you find this sample pack useful while making your next outdoor furnishings purchase. 

Who is the sample kit for?

• Property Management Companies 

• Corporations or Businesses with Multiple Locations

• Hotels and Resorts with Multiple Locations

• Swimming Pool Management Companies


What is included in the sample kit?

• Catalogs and Flyers for Pool Furniture and Site Amenities
Umbrella Fabrics
Sling Fabrics
Vinyl Strap
Plastic Resin Chips
• Computer bag to carry samples or laptop
• Mouse Pad

If you are looking for anything specific or in addition, feel free to ask our friendly staff. We are happy to customize the box to your needs. 
To request a sample kit, you may contact us via phone, email or chat today!

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