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Commercial padded sling chaise lounges have been increasingly popular as they offer all the comforts of a cushion while eliminating the need for messy tie-downs and additional cleaning. Our Padded sling chaise lounges feature a slingback fabric sewn together with plush fiberfill in the middle allowing for a breathable material which drys quickly. The styling options are unlimited as you can choose separate colors and patterns for the materials to create a stunning contrast that will complement the powder coated aluminum frame finish! If your hotel or resort community is looking for the latest and greatest in pool furniture, look no further than padded sling from Pool Furniture Supply. 

Commercial Padded Sling Chaise Lounges

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What is in the Padded Sling of a Chaise Lounge?

It is well known that padded sling chaise lounges are relaxing, but what makes them so comfortable and yet so suitable for the pool. The answer lays within the layers on the padded sling itself. Padded slings are made up of three separate layers: Cushion Fabric, Fiberfill, and Sling Fabric. The cushion fabric has a softer, smoother feel than the sling making it ideal for the top surface of the lounge. Fiberfill is a plush spongey substance with comfortably rounded edges that are commonly used in patio furniture due to its fast-drying properties and resistant to mold and mildew. The sling fabric is made from durable PVC or vinyl coated poly thread for a strong support to resist tearing and sagging under the most demanding conditions. These materials are then assembled like a sandwich with the fiberfill placed in the middle of the sewn together cushion fabric and sling material. 

Padded Sling Chaise Lounge Diagram

So Why Padded Sling Chaise Lounges?

The commercial materials that are used in the padded slings devote years of faithful service, making them great investments hotels and resorts.The padded sling chaise lounge contains several fiberfill pockets to prevent unwanted shifting of the pads. Padded sling won't slide on the chaise lounge like a tied down patio cushion would because the fabric sling seat is the cushion. Another big advantage is the style. Since the back and front are two different materials, the colors can be mixed and matched to produce a unique chaise lounge with stunning results. Finally, Pool Furniture Supply can provide unbeatable quantity discounts on all our commercial padded sling chaise lounge, along with any other patio furniture you may need, so give us a call today!

 Padded Sling Chaise Lounge