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Commercial Grade Shade Structures from Pool Furniture Supply provide both shade and style to a hotel deck, courtyard, and resort grounds. Accentuate outdoor dining spaces or create an inviting patio seating area by the pool. Protect tables and chairs, garden benches, gliders, and more from the effect of rain, hail, and direct sun with coverage. These Shade Structures ensure a safe place to relax in the shade while still enjoying the outdoors. Made of commercial-grade powder-coated steel, these structures are built to last years of harsh weather and daily use. Maximize the coverage in your outdoor space with a shade structure today!

Why are shade structures important? Check out our blog article about how hot patio furniture gets in the sun.

Commercial Shade Structures

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Commercial Shade Structures & Canopies

The canopies for commercial shades are a fantastic form of sun protection. But what shade structure will work by a commercial swimming pool? We have a full line of basic models that come in many shapes, styles, and applications. Below is a list of the most common base models available:

  • Umbrella Shades - Shade umbrellas are similar to a standard market umbrella but bigger and non-adjustable. The frame and canopy are static so it provides season-round shade without the effort of opening and closing during high winds.
  • Cantilever Shades - When you need to reduce the number of columns so you don’t obstruct the view, it calls for a cantilever shade. Shade cantilevers have similar shapes to an umbrella or a hip end, but the columns are either reduced or not centered to make a more open area underneath.

  • Hip-end Shades - The hip-end shade structure is the best coverage for the cost. It contains four or more columns to stabilize a large shaded space while keeping the posts at a modest size.

  • Sail Shades - Shade sails can be designed in unique patterns that provide shade on the pool deck and over the pool itself! The shade sails can be made custom and are available in hyperbolic and triangular shapes. Multiple sails can attach to the same column and the canopies’  shade colors can be different for a more eye-catching presentation.  A popular addition to exclusive resorts, waterparks, and theme parks.

Benefits of Shade Structures

There are several benefits shade structures give to a commercial patio.

  • Shades -  The shade itself is a convenience that all appreciate.  Escape from the natural blinding sunlight that otherwise is uncomfortable if you were to forget your sunglasses at home. Constant sunlight could cause strain on the eye and migraines for those with sensitivities. With fabric shade structures, guests can spend the whole day by the poolside!
  • Heat reduction - Summer is hot! The pool is a great way to cool down. But everyone doesn’t stay in the pool the whole time. When people are relaxing on lounge chairs or having lunch on the patio sets, they need a way to beat the heat. Beneath a shade structure, the temperature feel is reduced by 10 to 15 degrees compared to the surrounding open area. And the structure extends over a large area casting a cool shadow no matter the time of day.

  • UV Protection - The canopies' UV protection gives breaks throughout the day to reduce sunburns and all-around promote skin health.  Vitamin D is great, but overexposure to the sun can increase the risk of skin cancer. This applies even to those who use sunscreen. Sunblock only supports a degree of protection when it is applied thoroughly and often enough, especially after swimming in the pool. The only true UV protection is shade. Shade structures cover a large area, shielding more people from harmful UV rays. Not only do shade canopies protect guests by the pool, but they can be used to protect other areas of an HOA, such as park equipment, playground equipment, and parking lots.

  • Fixed & Permanent - Unlike portable patio umbrellas that commonly supply shade around the pool area, shade structures are fixed and permanent. This may not seem like a benefit until you factor in high wind speeds. If the sustained wind exceeds 25 MPH, the umbrella should be closed to prevent wind damage. However, the canopy for a shade structure is warranted for sustained winds at 76 MPH! The canopies will only need to be removed before heavy snowfall or winds exceeding hurricane category 2 status, but it is recommended to be stored during the off-season. The permanent frame itself can sustain up to 90 mph with the shade canopy removed.

  • Spectacle -  Aside from all the other benefits, fabric shade structures just look good! The fabric colors stand out from far distances, presenting inviting displays of hues and designs over the property. A shade structure is a functioning landmark that can give an upscale appeal over any pool deck, especially for hotels and resorts. The guest will undoubtedly be impressed and eager to come back for a visit!

We Make It Easy For You To Buy

Do you have a property in need of custom shades? Pool Furniture Supplies has a team of engineers ready to assist in your client's projects! If you have bid for a customer’s job, send us the diagrams from the landscape architects and we will send you spec drawings, a proposal, and color samples if needed! We will assist in the entire process, from quoting, purchasing, delivering, and even installation upon request. We are here to answer all your questions and to make your shade-buying experience as easy as possible! Take the first step by contacting all the experts at Pool Furniture Supply with your plans today!

How long do commercial shade structures last?

Commercial shade structures should last for 10+ years if well taken care of with regular maintenance. The specific lifespan of a shade structure will depend on a variety of factors, such as the materials used, local environmental conditions, the frequency of use, and routine care. Routine care includes removing the canopy before severe storms, hurricanes, or heavy snowfall and removing any large debris that falls on the canopy.

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