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We offer top-quality Marine Grade Polymer Chaise Lounges for hotels and resorts. Marine Grade Polymer Chaise Lounges are ideal for hotels and resorts located in the mountains or on the beach as MGP is the strongest material in the pool furniture industry. With its resistance to water, salt, and pool chemicals, these chaise lounges are impervious to all weather and are suitable for In-water Use. High winds cannot easily pick up the heavy weight of these chaise lounges either.  As a sponsored supplier of pool furniture, we are dedicated to providing the best products at competitive prices. Call Pool Furniture Supply for your quantity discount and save today!

Marine Grade Polymer Chaise Lounges

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What is Marine Grade Polymer?

Marine Grade Polymer (MGP) is made from virgin High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE) with UV inhibitor and color mixed into the compound. The smooth, non-porous surface contains no indentations for contaminants like dirt, bacteria, or mold to seep in. This allows the Marine Grade Polymer chaise lounge to be easily cleaned, maintaining its brand-new look. Strong, solid MGP won’t warp, swell, rot, blister, or absorb stains even when left in the sun all day.

History of Marine Grade Polymer

Marine Grade Polymer was engineered by the marine industry to provide seating on sailboats and motor yachts. Due to the damaging effects of saltwater, sand, and sun, boat manufacturers needed a heavy-duty material that could endure these harsh exposures on their boats. The solution came in the form of a hard, heavy plastic that could not be chemically broken down. The material was observed to be unaffected by saltwater or direct sunlight. This performance earned the plastic the name of Marine Grade Polymer and was used for seating on boats. Not long after, pool furniture manufacturers harnessed this technology to make the most durable patio furniture ever made. Many beachside hotels and resorts have invested in this robust material and continue to wreak the benefits for years.

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