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How to Replace Vinyl Straps on Pool Deck and Patio Furniture

Commercial strap pool and patio chairs
last many years before they start to weaken. Don’t throw out your commercial grade chair or lounge – replace the straps to extend the life of your pool furniture at a fraction of the cost! The vinyl straps on chaise lounges and chairs become oily and stained from suntan lotions, dirt, and weather. Our commercial pool straps come in a variety of colors to match most outdoor furniture and are made of 100% virgin vinyl to last for years in a commercial environment.

What You Need

• Replacement straps
• Rivets
• Tongs
• Gloves (White)
• Scissors
• Pot for hot water
• Measuring tape

Step 1: Order the Replacement Straps and Rivets

Call our friendly staff at 1.877.646.6320 to order replacement straps and rivets. The amount of strapping required depends on the length of the chair or chaise. If you have any questions about how much strapping you need don’t hesitate to give us a call. There are two options for ordering replacement straps: We can pre-measure and cut the straps for you, or you can order a roll and cut and measure yourself. Each roll contains 200 feet, or about 90 straps. If you have ordered your strap furniture from us, we can look up your order and confirm the model number of your chair to measure and cut the straps for you. Take a look at our Vinyl Strap Chaise Lounges and Commercial Vinyl Strap Chairs to find your chair. Some of our most popular strap chairs and chaise lounges include the RP1003, RP1001, RP5001, and the RP5003.

Step 2: Cut & Remove the Old Vinyl Chair Straps


Use scissors to cut through the old vinyl straps. Unravel the straps from the chair or chaise and pop out the old rivets. It is recommended to bolt down the chair or place something heavy on bottom rails of the chaise lounge or chair to keep it secure while you work.

Step 3: Cut and Measure Straps:Skip this step if you ordered pre-cut straps!

Our strap chairs and chaise lounges are double wrapped around the frame. Hold a measuring tape over the rivet hole on one side, wrap it twice around the frame, and pull it across and wrap it twice around the other frame, and take the measurement at the center of the other hole. The vinyl straps stretch tightly once they are heated, so subtract 15% of the measurement from your cut. For example, if the total measurement is 30″, cut the straps to 25”.
Measure twice and cut once. Start with one strap to be sure the length and tensionis correct.

Step 4: Prep and Heat the Vinyl Strapping

Prepare a pot of water that is about 200 degrees Fahrenheit. Do not allow the water to boil, but keep it just below bubbling. Add 2-3 straps at a time in the hot water for 2 – 3 minutes. Remove the straps from the water using tongs, handle carefully with white gloves. It is not recommended to wear colored gloves as they can bleed colors from contact with the hot water.

Step 5: Start Strapping!


Use tongs or gloves to pull out one strap and immediately install it before it cools. Push in a new plastic rivet through the hole on each end, both facing the same way. Pop-in the rivet on one side, wrap it twice around the rivet and stretch it to the other side, but not over the hole, so you can wrap it twice and push in the other rivet. Then pull up on the vinyl so you can slide it over the hole, as shown by this expert from our warehouse.



Step 6: Let the straps cool and enjoy!

Once the straps cool, they will regain their sturdiness! Enjoy your strap furniture that looks brand new!