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EQUIPMENT LEASING: A Financing Opportunity

1. The Poolfurnituresupply.com Leasing Process

2. The Benefits of Leasing


Equipment Leasing provides a financing alternative, to assist you in acquiring the equipment you need when you need it. Poolfurnituresupply.com and all FurnitureLeisureInc.com stores offer the convenience of acquiring our outdoor furniture through the cost-effective equipment leasing programs offered by Phoenix Leasing Systems.


Start Enjoying the Benefits of Leasing Today


Leasing Options100% FinancingConserve Capital


The Poolfurnituresupply.com Leasing Process:


  1. Select your Equipment Virtually all equipment that a business requires to operate can be leased. Conduct your normal decision-making process to find the best outdoor furniture for your company projects. Complete your order by selecting the Purchase Order Payment type.
  2. Credit Application Call or visit Phoenix Leasing Systems at 800-699-6656 or
    Fill out the Credit Application
    Once the credit application is submitted and you have received approval, the purchase order will be submitted. Your order is then complete.
  3. Available Lease Options Following are options that are available which match your company’s business needs and budgets Lease Document Preparation Upon final approval and selection of lease options, documents are prepared for your execution.
    1. Purchase Options
      1. Fair Market Value - (Operating or True lease). Not reported on your company’s balance sheet and lease payments are 100% tax deductible.
      2. $1.00 - (Capital or Finance lease). You report your equipment as an asset and liability on your balance sheet, this transaction is similar to acquiring your equipment through a bank loan.
    2. Term Options Available terms range from 12 months to 60 months.
    3. Payment Options: Monthly, quarterly, seasonal, deferred and customized payments.
  4. Lease Document Preparation Upon final approval and selection of lease options, documents are prepared for your execution.
  5. Equipment Delivery Your equipment will be delivered to your location as scheduled with us.


The Benefits of Leasing:


  • 100% FINANCING Initial down payments through standard financing can be as high as 20% - a tremendous drain on cash flow. Equipment Leasing does not require a down payment. You can effectively finance 100% of your Equipment.
  • CONSERVE WORKING CAPITAL Working Capital has conserved through financing the cost of the equipment over a number of years, depending on the term of the lease. Equipment Leasing allows your business to have cash available for such items as discounts from suppliers, purchase of inventory, research and development, expansion goals and “normal” emergencies.
  • PRESERVE BANK LINES Credit Lines remain open to react to other short-term cash needs that may arise. All lines could remain open including both secured and unsecured lines. In short, equipment leasing becomes your second bank.
  • TAX ADVANTAGES Standard Financing allows your company to only deduct depreciation and interest, but with various lease structures, the monthly payments can be 100% tax deductible as a business expense. A full write-off of equipment costs over the lease term reduces your after-tax cost substantially.
  • OPTIMUM EQUIPMENT The equipment that is best for your company provides the greatest efficiency with a high quality of performance. Through Equipment Leasing, monthly payments can be structured to match your monthly budget. This allows your company to take advantage of the best equipment available for your outdoor furniture projects.
  • HEDGES AGAINST INFLATION Monthly Lease Investments are paid with future dollars on a fixed payment plan. Basically, you are buying future equipment advantages with today’s dollars on a fixed payment plan.

To arrange for your equipment lease please contact Phoenix Leasing Systems at 800-699-6656 or call us with any easing/purchasing questions that you have.