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Pool Furniture History

Pool Furniture History


Researching the history of pool furniture, first, you have to look for the early beginnings of the swimming pool. Searching Wikipedia for swimming pool, we find the origins of swimming pools. "The "Great Bath" at the site of Mohenjo-Daro in modern-day Pakistan was most likely the first swimming pool, dug during the 3rd millennium BC. This pool is 12 by 7 meters, is lined with bricks and was covered with a tar-based sealant.

Ancient Greeks and Romans built artificial pools for athletic training in the palaestras, for nautical games and for military exercises. Roman emperors had private swimming pools in which fish were also kept, hence one of the Latin words for a pool, piscina. The first heated swimming pool was built by Gaius Maecenas of Rome in the first century BC. Gaius Maecenas was a rich Roman lord and considered one of the first patrons of arts."

It is interesting that they do not mention pool furniture. However, searching for Greek chaise lounges you will find the Greeks and Romans designed the chaise lounge as a "day bed". Surely the elite lounged around the pool for relaxation, recreation, water sports and group activities. It is sufficient to say pool furniture has been important to all cultures over civilized history.

With that introduction to pool furniture, Pool Furniture Supply has a full complement of pool furniture for commercial and residential swimming pools. Our chaise lounges meet the strictest requirements of pool furniture made to withstand salt water, chlorinated water. The corrosive environment where pool furniture is used requires special materials to perform comfortable, functionally and aesthetically.

Our pool furniture is more than well designed to perform as it is made from Aluminum, PVC vinyl, Plastic Resin, Tropical Wood and Recycled Plastic. Commercial, Comfortable, Stylish and Functional pool furniture is what pool furniture supply is all about. Call us for your pool furniture request and receive a prompt, courteous and professional response!