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Reduce Landfill Waste with Commercial Pool Furniture

If you’re in the market for outdoor pool furniture and are conscious of conserving the environment, consider commercial pool furniture. Commercial-grade outdoor pool furniture is a more environmentally friendly solution than lower-cost consumer-grade furniture because it offers better quality, provides long-lasting support, and guarantees years of use. 


Across the country and the world, trash is becoming an increasing problem. As more waste is being generated, much of it is improperly disposed of and even less is recycled. In the U.S. alone, only about 5% of the waste plastic was recycled in 2019, while 86% was left in landfills. The remainder was burned to generate electricity. Estimates from the National Renewable Energy Laboratory and U.S. Environmental Protection Agency put the current amount of plastic waste in the U.S. between 32 million and 44 million metric tons. 


While we can’t solve our landfill waste problem single-handedly, we can still make an impact. By doing research and making more informed choices, we can create less trash and lessen our carbon footprint. 


Commercial pool furniture – a more environmentally friendly choice

Reduce, reuse and recycle is a great mantra to practice in both our personal and professional lives. Better quality products last longer, which saves money and creates less waste – and commercial pool furniture is no exception. Economy furniture from big online retailers doesn’t hold a candle to commercial-grade furniture:


Commercial vs other furniture comparison chart - Reduce Landfill Waste with Commercial Pool Furniture

The better materials and craftsmanship that go into commercial furniture ensure all the poolside pieces you choose will be dependable and eco-friendly:


  • Chairs and chaise lounges made of materials such as recycled plastic, welded aluminum, marine-grade polymer and ASTM-tested plastic resin for strength and longevity ensure extended daily use from guests of all sizes and weights

  • Tables with durable fiberglass and acrylic tops, and frames made of lacquered aluminum and UV-protected plastic resin that won’t fade or warp from extreme sun exposure and won’t corrode from saltwater and chemicals

  • Umbrellas featuring heavy-duty fabric canopies with fiberglass ribs that withstand high winds and damage from UV rays, along with marine-grade anodized aluminum poles and bases that won’t rust or deteriorate


At Pool Furniture Supply, our wide range of pool furniture products and materials gives our customers plenty of options that best serve their pool space and help save the environment. Made to withstand constant outdoor exposure, our commercial pool furniture is ideal for all pool environments – from community pools and water parks to universities and resorts. Of all our products, we’re especially proud to offer recycled plastic pool furniture. With the look of lumber, our recycled plastic furniture is formed from a mix of repurposed HDPE and UV-inhibiting compounds, making them one of the strongest commercial-grade materials available. We invite you to browse our huge catalog of recycled plastic and other durable outdoor furniture products that provide a more environmentally friendly option for your pool area. We’re also happy to say all our products are made in the USA!


Small steps to help our planet

While we can’t solve our landfill problems overnight, we can take small steps to reduce our own waste and become better stewards of our planet, and here are five ways to do it:


5 ways to reduce waste - Reduce Landfill Waste with Commercial Pool Furniture

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