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5 Ways to Beat the Heat at the Pool This Summer

Summertime means fun in the sun. It’s a time for children to run through sprinklers, for families to go on bicycle rides, and for both young and old to cool off at the pool. But too much sun and heat can put a damper on outdoor fun, including at the pool. This year, many areas of the U.S. are already experiencing extended heat waves and breaking high-temperature records. With the summer season just starting, the hot temps will be here for a while. At Pool Furniture Supply, we say, “Don’t sweat it!” There are plenty of ways to stay cool at a pool during the steamy summer months so you and your family can take full advantage of the refreshing, relaxing, and fun experiences an outdoor pool area provides.

Soaking in cool water is undeniably the best way to beat the heat. But, after a while, kids get tired, adults become bored, and everyone is soaked to the bone. To avoid getting waterlogged, you need amenities outside of the water to help keep cool. Whether you plan on spending summer in your backyard pool, at the beach, or at a community or resort pool, make sure these five features are on hand to help everyone seek relief from the heat:



Ahh, the comfort of shade! When the sun is relentless and there are no clouds in sight, shade structures can save the day. Not only do they offer respite from direct sunlight, but they also protect from harmful ultraviolet rays. Shade structures come in many forms, including poolside umbrellas, cabanas, sail shades, and more. Consider the benefits these different shade structures provide:


  • Umbrellas and Sail Shades - 5 Ways to Beat the Heat at the Pool This SummerUmbrellas and Sail Shades: Patio umbrellas on sturdy bases provide welcome shade while lounging or dining next to the pool. Look for umbrellas that have a commercial-grade aluminum frame and fiberglass ribs that can stand up to windy conditions. The shade fabric should be marine grade so that it won’t tear or fade and include a vent at the top for continual air flow. Our Market Style Fiberglass Patio Umbrella has all these features as well as a convenient crank lift mechanism with a 60° tilt for better shade management. Cantilever shade structures are another type of umbrella that provides more shade with a multi-position tilting mechanism and 360-degree rotation so, no matter what time of day, you can enjoy full shade. Sail shades are unobtrusive yet functional structures designed to cover large areas ranging from 15 to 35 feet. Mounted to three poles, sail shades are made with commercial polyethylene fabric and are versatile enough to hang above a pool, playground, park bench, and other seating areas.


  • Cabanas and Canopies - 5 Ways to Beat the Heat at the Pool This SummerCabanas and Canopies: Stay cool and look cool under a commercially constructed cabana that provides the ultimate in shade and relaxation. A beach cabana is designed to provide shelter for two chaise lounges and features a back panel weave mesh insert for wind stability and to prevent the fabric from tearing. Poolside, freestanding canopies offer standing or lounging sun protection for multiple people. Poolside cabanas and canopies are typically built with steel, aluminum or high-density polyethylene frames and offer luxurious features like vented canopies, awnings, daybeds and privacy curtains. Our Eclipse Daybed Cabana provides an amazing lounging experience and features weatherproof curtain and canopy fabric, an all-weather aluminum frame, as well as a host of color combinations. Whether you choose a beach cabana or a poolside cabana with daybed to help beat the heat, you’ll enjoy ample shade, air circulation and privacy.


  • Partition Planters - 5 Ways to Beat the Heat at the Pool This SummerPartition Planters: An option you may not have considered is the use of plants to add greenery and shade to a poolside area. You don’t need to plant shade vegetation in the ground; instead, use planter partitions that include a self-watering planter box and fiberglass reinforced resin grid system that can be stacked to accommodate taller-growing plants and trees. Available in two- and three-grid options, these partitions can be configured to stand nearly 7 feet tall to create a natural wall of shade. Low maintenance and modern looking, partition planters are a nice addition to any poolside environment.



Along with shade structures, look for poolside furniture that offers breathable fabric and open vinyl strapping to help you stay cool. Unlike all-metal furniture that absorbs heat, sling furniture and vinyl strap chaise lounges are heat- and UV-resistant to offer a skin-friendly experience. Let’s break down the three material types:

  • Fabric Sling: Commercial-grade, acrylic-dyed fabric with double stitching that won’t tear or fade but is still a highly breathable material that offers a cooling effect.
  • Padded Sling: Comprised of two layers of fabric with either foam or fiberfill added to the center for a softer seat that is still able to air dry quickly.
  • Vinyl Straps: Wide vinyl straps that are double-wrapped for durability and support yet offer enough “give” to conform to your body to provide comfortable seating.

These breathable materials are available on nearly unlimited styles of chaise lounges and chairs – and available in a wide range of colors to match your outdoor décor.

COOL POOLSIDE FURNITURE - 5 Ways to Beat the Heat at the Pool This Summer

#3: IN-WATER POOL FURNITUREIN-WATER POOL FURNITURE - 5 Ways to Beat the Heat at the Pool This Summer

If you want to lounge in the sun while being surrounded by water, try pool furniture that’s designed to sit in shallow water on pool ledges and sun shelves. In-water pool furniture gives you the best of both worlds: a comfortable, supportive place to relax with cool, refreshing water just a toe-dip away. Choose from solid chaise lounges with comfortable curves, sling fabric chaises that relieve pressure points, and low-profile chairs with high backs. For small children, there are even one-piece, in-water slides that feature slip-resistant steps, rounded edges, and a contoured off-ramp for endless fun. Only commercial-grade in-water pool furniture stands up to extended exposure to pool chemicals, chlorine, sand, UV rays, and saltwater so you can rely on years of enjoyment.


#4: MISTERS AND FANSMISTERS AND FANS - 5 Ways to Beat the Heat at the Pool This Summer

Another way to complement your outdoor pool area is with misting systems and fans. These affordable and efficient devices provide a subtle water mist and optional breeze to help you refresh and relax. Misting systems are comprised of tubing that sends a continuous, fine mist through nozzles using water from your outdoor faucet. Available at many big box stores and online retailers, misting systems are generally easy to install and come in different lengths and configurations to cover as little or as much of your outdoor space. For a more portable option, try a fan with built-in misting capabilities. These compact machines rely on either battery or electrical power and come with options like oscillation, pivot adjustment and variable fan speeds. Check out Bob Vila’s list of The 9 Best Outdoor Misting Fans of 2024 to find the right misting fan for your needs.



Last but not least, keep cold beverages within reach for your family and guests. The sun and heat can take a toll on a body, so it’s important to stay hydrated throughout the day. The CDC recommends that anyone who is active outdoors should drink 8 ounces of water every 15-20 minutes. Avoid alcoholic beverages and caffeinated drinks, which have a dehydrating effect. In addition to water, offer more “flavorful” options such as low-sugar sports drinks with electrolytes and fruit-infused water. Cold fruit and low-sugar popsicles are great hydrating snacks to keep on hand as well.


Keep everything cold in an insulated cooler that’s designed for poolside use, like the Fairfield Insulated Cooler. This modular cooler has a 50-quart storage capacity, a reversible lid for four cup holders, bamboo cutting board and built-in bottle opener. Built to last, this cooler’s durable polyethylene frame is shock-resistant and fade-resistant, even with frequent sunlight exposure.


Don’t want to get out of the pool to grab a drink? The Ledge Lounger Signature Ice Bin Side Table sits on your pool ledge, making it the perfect companion to your in-pool chaise or chair. It stores up to 12 beverages and features a convenient 3-inch rim to rest your drinks. Add the optional lid and you have both a cooler and a side table where you can place personal items.



Make the most of your summer by taking advantage of outdoor pool furniture, shade structures, and accessories that will keep everyone cool and turn any pool area or beach into an outdoor oasis. As the leading supplier of outdoor pool furniture, Pool Furniture Supply has something for every budget, style, and application. Whether you need to outfit a large resort or HOA, or simply want to furnish your residential pool area with high-quality, comfort-plus furniture and umbrellas, we’re here to help. Call us toll-free at 877-646-6320 to learn more about our extensive outdoor pool furniture collection and to receive complimentary consultation services for your project.

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