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Choosing the Right Pool Furniture: Tips and Guidelines

Choosing the Right Pool Furniture: Tips and Guidelines

There’s a big difference between residential pool furniture and commercial-grade pool furniture. For community managers, hotels, and building owners, it’s crucial to find outdoor pool furniture that’s designed for repeated heavy use and meets appropriate safety standards. Investing in quality USA-made pool furniture for commercial use can help protect you from disastrous legal battles and wasted spending on constant replacements. Here are a few tips, tricks, and guidelines to help you make a wise purchase for your community’s pool furniture.

Commercial Pool Furniture Checklist:

Is it made in the USA?
What are the structural specifications (bracing, frame material, bolts)?
What is it made of? Is this a commercial-grade product?
What is the life of the warranty? Does this warranty cover commercial use?
What are the warranty exclusions?

Materials Matter!
It’s important to not just choose the cheapest option and assume you’ve gotten the best value. The truth is that there are many different materials on the market that hold up very differently over time, depending on routine care, regular exposure to the elements, and volume of use. By choosing the material that fits your desired level of maintenance you will be sure to keep your pool deck furniture looking good season after season.

Resin Pool Furniture
Resin Pool Furniture
Resin is a popular choice and is well-suited to large outdoor spaces. Commercial grade resin provides a durable, lightweight seating solution that’s easy to stack. It stands up well to seasonal abuse and won’t need routine refinishing or fabric replacements as it is all one piece. Make sure your resin pool furniture comes with a warranty and commercial grade safety specifications.

Recycled Plastic Pool Furniture
This eco-friendly option boasts many of the same quality factors that resin has and offers super high durability. While recycled plastic pool furniture may be slightly more costly than standard resin, its unique makeup helps eliminate excess environmental waste and it will last you many more years. Make sure all hardware is stainless steel.
American-made aluminum strap pool chairs will last many years and provide residents with a comfortable, durable place to relax. This material will require a moderate amount of regular cleaning, though the custom-fit vinyl seat straps do offer much more customized comfort.
Aluminum Sling Pool Furniture
Sling pool furniture offers a comfortable, breathable place to sit or lounge and create a casual, comfortable look. Make sure to purchase outdoor sling furniture that has weather-resistant fabrics, such UV protected vinyl-coated polyester, and stainless steel frame bolts. Both of these features will prevent mildew and rust.

Structural Elements

No matter what item or material you choose, look for important safety features like cross-bracing structural elements (such as a stretcher between the back two legs). Commercial-grade pool furniture should only use stainless steel screws, as the standard zinc-coated hardware will rust when exposed to chlorine and salt. In the end, it’s most important to tailor your pool furniture to the type of establishment you are designing for. High-volume hotels, community pools, and large apartment building communities may be best suited for furniture made to withstand heavy use, such as safe, durable resin that doesn’t require much maintenance. For resorts, small B&B’s, and other low-volume pools, higher maintenance models may be a fair price to pay for added style and attractive materials.

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