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How Space Planning is Used to Create the Best Use of Pool Decks

When adding patio furniture to the pool deck, the first step is to determine how much of what type of furniture you would like to include. Whether you are organizing a new or renewal project, it is essential to know the proper placement when utilizing all available space around the pool.  


Pool Furniture Supply can assist with this process by preparing a digital layout with near-accurate furniture measurements to map out the property’s plans. This process gives a bird’s eye view of the pool deck and takes the guessing out of how much furniture will fit. This is crucial information for HOAs, hotels, and waterparks that are trying to provide the most seating for their site’s guest capacity. 

To get started, we would need a blueprint of the pool area with scaling dimensions. This can be in the form of a .jpeg, .png, .pdf or .dwg file format. We can even use the Google Maps satellite view of the physical address if the images of the property are up-to-date. After we have the property diagram, we can talk about what furniture you would like to incorporate. This could contain the standard plan of chaise lounges, side tables, umbrellas, dining chairs, and patio tables, or feature specialty furniture such as conversation seating, shade structures, cabanas, or fire tables. Once we know what you are looking for, our designers will get to work filling in the space. They will include as many units as possible while considering room for pathways, entrances, safety, and comfort. After completion, the draft will be sent to you for review. Modifications can easily be made if you feel more space is needed or reserved for something else. 

In the meantime, we can start preparing proposals with the mapped-out quantities based on your budget, style, color scheme, and/or deadlines. These written quotes include package discounts designed to reduce the overall cost of the commercial pool furniture as well as the freight charges. Spec sheets and example photos of the furniture will also be provided to present to your HOA board, project director, or building manager. 

Space planning is a complimentary service provided by Pool Furniture Supply to help our customers determine what they may need to completely furnish their pool area. If you want a layout and proposal for your property, please email sales@poolfurnituresupply.com or call 1-877-646-6320 with all your project details! For additional PFS services, such as furniture color picker or physical color samples, please consult your sales representative for further assistance!


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